Neptune Theatre and Eastern Front Theatre's Co-production of

a World Premiere
Book by Jamie Bradley
Music & Lyrics by Garry Williams
Directed by Sam Rosenthal



October 23 - November 11, 2018

Show Times:
Tuesday to Friday - 7:30pm
Saturday and Sunday - 2pm & 7:30pm

Key Dates:
October 23 - Pay What You Can
October 25 - Opening Night
October 30 - Industry Night
October 31 - Talkback Night

Art, soul and song; because life depends on it.

A darkly comedic new musical about a group of homosexual prisoners interned in a WWII Nazi concentration camp in 1943. Crammed into isolated barracks suffering through hard labour and torture beyond anything imaginable, these men find strength through art by secretly producing a cabaret. Through the characters they create, they use wit, talent, and art, as a way to survive - holding on to their identity, and maintaining a sense of humanity. Based on historic truths and inspired by actual events and people.



2.5hrs (including intermission)
Content warning: coarse language, gunshots, mature themes, violent and frightening scenes.


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Eastern Front Theatre and Neptune Theatre are proud to announce the Production Team for the World Premiere of KAMP:



Directed by Sam Rosenthal
Music Direction Tara Scott
Stage Manager June Zinck
Choreographer Veronique MacKenzie
Set Design Sean Mulcahy
Costume Design Helena Marriott
Lighting Design Leighann Vardy
Sound Design Michael Doherty
Assistant Stage Manager Olivia McGinn



About the Show


In April, 2012, while rehearsing Jamie Bradley’s musical Titanic: The Fated Voyage in Halifax, musical director Garry Williams related to Jamie the stories of the concentration camp cabarets that homosexual prisoners produced, which he had learned about the previous year, while in Berlin. They agreed to form a creative partnership to use that largely unknown history to make KAMP a reality.

In Spring of 2017, the short “KAMP songspiel” - scene excerpts linking musical numbers - was sponsored by the Atlantic Jewish Council for Holocaust Remembrance Day; followed by a longer version for the Halifax Mayworks Festival. Less than a month later, two full concert readings bookended Eastern Front Theatre’s Stages Festival. As a result of those performances, EFT secured the rights to produce a full musical.

What horrors that happened to homosexual prisoners under the Third Reich is a part of history that has been, to a great extent, untold. The resiliency of the human spirit through music, art, and a sense of survival humour finds itself in the stories of these prisoners and their concentration camp cabarets.

Once the War was over, those who had survived were arrested and put in prison; as homosexuality was still a crime in Germany. The vast majority stayed silent, due to fear of further persecution, and it wasn’t until the latter part of the 20th Century that some were brave enough to begin relating their stories.

Garry and Jamie found the subject matter, and its connection to what is happening in the world today, impossible to ignore; and so, they embarked on a four year emotional voyage of creating what is now KAMP.

Eastern Front Theatre is proud to be co-producing this important production with Neptune Theatre. We look forward to seeing you at the show which runs from Oct 23 - Nov.11.


Sam Rosenthal

Artistic Producer,

Eastern Front Theatre






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