Neptune Theatre Labour Rates

Position Minimum Call NFP Hourly Rate Commercial Hourly Rate
Front of House Manager 3 hours $22.00 $26.00
Usher/Box Office/Bar 3 hours $17.00 $20.00
Scotiabank Stage Head Tech 4 hours $23.00 $27.00
Scotiabank Stage Asst. Tech 4 hours $20.00 $24.00
Fountain Hall Head Tech 4 hours $28.00 $34.00
Fountain Hall Asst. Tech 4 hours $24.00 $28.00


Although the number of personnel working an event is somewhat flexible (depending on the complexity of the staging and the number of people expected to attend, there are a few guidelines of which to be cognizant.


1. Please ensure that all staff get breaks every 5 hours otherwise meal penalties may occur.
2. Technician rate will become overtime (1.5 hourly rate) after 9 hours (daily) or 45 hours (weekly).
3. The Rentals Coordinator would be pleased to provide advice as to how to control labour costs while ensuring you have a first-rate event. Please don't hesitate to ask.
4. Neptune FOH staff cannot be replaced by volunteers
5. Neptune Staff Requirements will be determined by Neptune and not the rental customer.