Now entering its 37th year of touring, Neptune Theatre’s Young Company Tour has performed to over 400,000 young Nova Scotians since its inception. For many, the tour is their first exposure to live theatre.

By visiting small communities throughout the Maritimes and performing to students directly at their schools, the Young Company Tour promotes theatre to a wider (and younger) audience, thereby creating and fostering an interest in the performing arts.

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Fall 2017

Lullaby: Inside The Halifax Explosion

A dramatic, educational and emotive experience that explores little-told stories of the events of December 6, 1917. Told exactly one hundred years after the two ships collided, causing a gigantic and devastating explosion.

It is a day that has become synonymous with tales of heroism, survival and how a community fought against the disaster and the elements. Three diverse characters are thrown together moments after the explosion and students follow them as they comes to terms with the situation and who they are stranded with.

Lullaby: Inside The Halifax Explosion is a theatrical event, combining Atlantic Canadian content with dramatic story-telling. It is a story of survival and growth, of destruction and hope. But, this story is not born of fiction: it happened. It's historical fact. (Grades 6-12)



Spring 2018

The Happy Hobo in Moonland

Rhys Bevan-John's one-man show about how we use our imagination for play, and how playing can help us grow. Using mime, masks, puppets and good old fashioned tom-foolery, The Happy Hobo creates a land of make-believe and then introduces us to the strange and wonderful inhabitants of Moon Land living everyday life in a fantasy world. (Grade P-6)


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2017/18 Bonus Features

Makayla Lynn (Jan 18-21)

Port Cities (Feb 16-17)

Echos of Time (Apr 20-21)

Can old flames be rekindled?


January 30 - February 18, 2018

The Musical Event of the Year!

April 10 - June 3

A mother. A daughter. Three possible Dads.

Dance along to the music of ABBA in this ultimate feel-good show, seen by over 60 million dancing fans in more than 40 countries!

Begins April 10, 2018!

A moving interpretation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s final night

A reimagining of Dr. King's final hours as he confronts his destiny and legacy.

February 27 -
March 18, 2018