Young Actors Company

The Young Actors Company is an elite training program for students ages 13-18 who show exceptional talent in the areas of acting and wish to advance their skills.

In this process-oriented program, students work with a professional creative team to hone their acting skills. The culmination of this rehearsal period is a fully mounted show on Neptune Theatre’s Studio Stage. Cost of this program is $475 + HST.

This season, YAC Presents:
March 3 to March 5, 2016

A school receives a mysterious script about a girl who died long ago. The director disappears. A new director arrives just in time and knows all about the story of the play. In fact, she seems to know it too well. And how did she get the dead girl’s ring?

Are the students of Herbert Hoover High too wrapped up in miscues, awful accents, and stolen boyfriends to notice? Revenge is coming. Who will pay the price when the real world and the play collide?

Each actor must play two vastly different roles in this spine-tingling comedy thriller. This intense theatrical experience will keep your audience on their edge of their seats. And the twist ending will make them question everything they've witnessed...


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Bessie, Alice and Margaret have two things in common: they are married to George Joseph Smith, and they are all dead.

A tale of three murders based on the real-life crimes of English serial killer George Joseph Smith

This award-winning Canadian play will take your breath away.

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“Funny, clever, insightful and touching... full of music, humour, story and character.” - Globe and Mail

Featuring music from Bach and Beethoven, to Janis Joplin and Billy Joel, two actors, two pianos, and dozens of characters grace the stage in this hilarious story about the triumphs and tortures of chasing your dreams.

Two men. Two pianos. One dream.

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Jello shots, a bridezilla, first dance disasters and more! See the “I dos” in this hilarious comedy about the true nature of weddings.

A rousing, rural wedding romp through the perils of pre-nuptial shenanigans.

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One of the best loved Dickens’ tales of all time, a riveting story of class, ambition, and love.

Everything can change in a heartbeat.

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A couple are deciding their future. Thirty-something, educated and thoughtful, they want to have a child for the right reasons. But in a time of global anxiety, overpopulation, erratic weather and political unrest, what exactly are the right reasons?

What will be the first to destruct – the planet or the relationship?

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Arnold Lobel’s beloved characters hop from the page to the stage in this Tony-nominated musical. 

Part vaudeville, part makebelieve, all charm, A Year with The story of a friendship that endures, weathering all seasons.

A magical, enchanting musical for the entire family.

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In a faraway kingdom turned upside down, an unlikely hero shows up to rescue a feisty princess. Add in a chatterbox donkey, a spunky cookie, a short prince with a short temper, and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you’ve got a twisted fairy tale full of laughs.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the ogre.

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Trapped by life  choices and unfulfilled expectations that have left them isolated, three sisters search for the courage to create a new family from the remnants of the old.

Award-winning Canadian playwright, Daniel MacIvor.

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BOOM is an explosive solo performance that documents the music, culture and politics of the Baby Boom era. Rick Miller takes us through 25 turbulent years by giving voice to over 100 influential figures and musicians.

A multimedia journey through the years that shaped a generation.

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