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Ages 4-6

Fairytale Adventures (July 2-6)

Moana, Maui and More (July 2-6)

Join us on an incredible week of adventure, creativity and imagination! There is so much fun to be had as we act out favourite stories! Using theatre games and movement exploration we will work together to create and present our very own Fairytales with happily ever afters.


Come explore the rushing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Or the glorious sands of the Hawaiian beaches. With songs and scenes from the epic movie, we will explore these familiar characters as we create our own island adventure. Hula-style dance, singalongs and creative movement make this a fun class for everyone!


Be Incredibles! (July 9-13)

Under The Sea (July 9-13)

Calling all “Supers”! What secret superpowers do you possess? How can we use our powers to make this world a better place? Creating our own Superhero family, these incredible campers will go on adventures, meet other superheroes and save the world! A camp for anyone creative with a lot of energy.


I see mermaids, sea turtles, sharks and starfish! There are so many creatures to explore under the sea. Singing popular songs and exploring different movement and dance activities will allow us to create a world of unique sea creatures on our own deep sea adventure.



Let's Put On A Puppet Show (July 16-20)

Jingle in July (July 16-20)

Did you know that anything can be a puppet? That puppets are some of the best storytellers? Using found objects, basic crafts and even some hand puppets, we will explore different styles of movement, voice work and focus on building our own puppet show. This camp is a perfect introduction to theatre for anyone who is shy or quiet.


Do you miss the snow? Presents? Jingling all the way? Transport yourself to the festive season while dancing like snowflakes, singing holiday songs and designing your own reindeer. Get a break from the summer heat with this cool camp.


Calling all Wizards (July 23-27)

Dinosaurs and Dragons (July 23-27)

From Merlin to Dumbledore. Potter to Oz. We need Wizards of all levels of experience. As long as you can cast spells, brew potions, wave a magic wand and transform into magical creatures, this camp is for you. Come one come all!


Can you roar like a dragon? Fly like a pterodactyl? These amazing creatures allow us to use our gigantic imaginations to create new movements, characters and stories. Using famous books, movies and songs about dragons and dinosaurs we will create our own “dino-themed” show.


Zoo-dles of Fun (July 30-August 3)

Big Broadway Sing-along (July 30-August 3)

A camp for animal lovers! We will learn to transform into our favourite animals and create stories about our favourite furry creatures. Fly like an eagle! Tweet like a bird! Roar like a lion! Games, crafts and sing-alongs make this an active camp for anyone with a big imagination.


Big Broadway Musicals are so fun to sing! This camp will allow young campers to learn new music, some basic dance and explore the hits of the Great White Way. Annie! Wicked! Music Man! And more! Which musical will be your favourite?


Adventures in Outer Space (August 7-10) (4 days!)

Cinderella Songs and Stories (August 7-10) (4 days!)

Come join us as we travel to a Galaxy far, far away, amongst the stars and over the moon. How do we move in space? What space creatures will we meet? How can we make a rocket ship? These space adventures will allow us to explore our creative selves while having an astronomically great time.


In anticipation of this show coming to Neptune, we will explore the story of Cinderella. Singing some of the classic songs, making our own magic spells and exploring dancing at the ball, we will create a new take on this classic story. Join us, before the clock strikes midnight!



Treasure Hunters (August 13-17)

Favourites Things (August 13-17)

Ahoy Matey! We need all hands on deck for our fabulous treasure hunting adventure. We will create our own treasure maps, sail on great ships and maybe even walk the plank! Creating characters and singing sea shanties will be just some of what is in store on our swashbuckling adventure.


Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens… what are your favourite things? Using our favourite toys, and momentos, campers will come together to share and create a show about what makes them happy. Part show and tell, part musical theatre this camp provides a safe learning environment to try new things.


From Dr. Seuss to Mother Goose (August 20-24)

Make a Mini Musical (August 20-24)

What if the Cat in the Hat met the Big Bad Wolf?  What if Puss in Boots ate green eggs and ham? Using these classic poems and nursery rhymes we will create our own stories and poems. Sing- alongs, games and crafts allow us to “Think and wonder. Wonder and think” - Dr. Seuss.


Our littlest campers will make a mini musical! Learning songs and dances from the musical theatre repertoire, this camp is for our more focused campers who want to take their musical talents to the next level.



Ages 7-9

Our Series of Unfortunate Events (July 2-6)

Musical Showtunes (July 2-6)

Join us as we explore a series of unfortunate events. Inspired by Lemony Snicket’s stories, we will create our own characters and wild adventures. Through character creation and storytelling we will defeat evil Counts, escape capture and tackle whatever obstacle is thrown our way. Perfect for the creative problem solver.


A chance to sing songs from your favourite musicals. And perhaps learn some new favourites! Musical warm ups, games, singing exercises and dancing will all come together to allow us to showcase some amazing Broadway level talent.



The Hogwarts Way (July 9-13)

Popstar Sensations (July 9-13)

Muggles are welcome at our school for aspiring wizards. Create spells, learn magic, design your own wand and sharpen your theatre skills to defend against the Dark Arts. The adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione will become the base for our own adventures this summer. Jump aboard the Hogwarts Express this summer!


A mix of Pop Hits and Chart Stoppers become the launching point for students to learn the basics of movement, singing and acting. Come mash it up with us as we create a pop pieces to share with family and friends.



Theatre Quest (July 16-20)

Witches, Villains and Magicians (July 16-20)

Calling all adventurous theatre types! We are on a quest to solve the mysteries of theatre. Who lurks stage right? What is a tableau? How many ways can you use your voice? Part choose your own adventure part scavenger hunt, this theatre quest will take you on daily missions exploring different parts of the theatre world.


Who doesn’t want to play the villain? Exploring different physicality’s and ways to use our voice, we will become different iconic characters. From Cruella or Gru or the Wicked Witch of the West to Voldemort, we celebrate these villains and eventually create own evil mutation. This is a chance to break out of your shell and conquer the world! (insert evil cackle).


Introduction to Puppetry (July 23-27)

Wish Upon a Star (July 23-27)

Did you know even a piece of paper can be a puppet? Or your hand? This camp offers the unique opportunity to open your eyes to the world of puppetry and physical theatre. With a focus on creative movement and storytelling, campers will learn the possibilities of working with puppets.


When you wish upon a star what can you become? A princess in a castle? A dancing snowman? A singing mermaid? This is a week for those who love to sing songs from their favourite movies. Along with dancing and games this camp will bring our favourite cartoons to life!


Detectives, Spies and CSI (July 30-August 3)

My Movie Musical (July 30-August 3)

This message will self-destruct in thirty seconds…come to camp and be a spy!  Someone is out to destroy the summer theatre camps.  Using their imagination and hidden clues, students will become the heroes of their own stories as they save the Neptune Theatre’s summer camps from a mysterious villain!


Annie. Wizard of Oz. Mary Poppins. These are just some of the musicals we will explore in this musical theatre camp. Soundtracks from different movie musicals will inspire us to learn songs, create dances and scenes and create our own new spectacular show!



Carnival Creation (August 7-10) (4 days)

Spooktacular Singing (August 7-10) (4 days)

Step Right Up! Come and experience the magic and wonder of the Neptune Carnival and Circus. Jugglers! Clowns! Tightrope walkers!  There is so much fun to be had. We will invent new rides, design delicious snacks and of course create the wildest characters you would ever dare to meet. A week of silly fun not to be missed.


Using spooky movies and soundtracks as a guide we will create our own Spooktacular show. Songs about magic, casting spells and dancing like ghosts will be just some of the spirited fun we will have at this haunted camp. Boo!



Camp Hogwarts (August 13-17)

Rockfest (August 13-17)

Dumbledore is calling you for a week of theatre magic.  Muggles are welcome at our camp for aspiring wizards. Create spells, learn magic, design your own wand and sharpen your theatre skills to defend against the Dark Arts. The adventures of the famous young wizards will become the base for our own adventures this summer. Don’t forget your broom!


This is your chance to be a rock star!  We provide the soundtrack, you provide the killer vocals and rockin moves. We will learn the basics of movement, singing, acting and being a rock star. Come rock out with us as we create our very own concert. Don’t forget your air guitar!



Emoji Motions (August 20-24)

Broadway Hits (August 20-24)

Forget the traditional comedy and tragedy theatre masks; emojis are the coolest way to express our emotions! Our favourite emojis will inspire us in character creation and storytelling. What happens when Happy Face and Sad Face meet? What makes Angry Face so angry? Leave your phone at home and enjoy the fun of live emojis!


Using songs from a variety of hit Broadway shows students will act, sing and dance their way through this musical theatre camp. This top notch triple threat training will allow students will create and present their own musical cabaret of Broadway’s latest hits.



Ages 10-12

Stagecraft (July 2-6)

Disco Song and Dance Stars (July 2-6)

How do you break down a script? What is proper rehearsal etiquette? How should one work with a scene partner? Students will receive short scenes and monologues to work on as they explore what it really means to be an actor.


Mamma Mia has just closed at Neptune and disco is still in the air. Time get groovy with the hits of the 60’s and 70’s. Learning the classic dance moves and cool disco numbers, this is a fun musical theatre camp for anyone wanting to explore song and dance.


Let's Put on a Play (July 9-13)

From Beatles to Beat Box (July 9-13)

The stage is set. We need a script, some characters and blocking. Add some basic costume, props, and set and we have a play. Sounds easy, right? Not always. This camp will guide you through all the steps to putting on a play and the challenges and joys that come with it.


This musical camp allows campers to explore the hit rock, pop and rap music of the past fifty years. What makes this music so popular? Exploring music themes, lyrics and rhythms students will gain a new appreciation of popular music and its history.


Improv and Comedy (July 16-20)

Songs of the Big Screen (July 16-20)

Do you love to laugh? Make up goofy characters? Invent scenes on the spot? If the answer is “yes, and” then this is the camp for you! Learning different improv games, theatresports and comedy skills, students will gain confidence and be challenged as they take their comedy chops to the next level.


Do you love to sing along to your favourite movies? Act out your favourite scenes? Copy the choreography from your favourite dance numbers? Then come join us in this amazing musical theatre camp. Using numbers from award winning films we will create our own live “movie musical”.


Mime and Mask (July 23-27)

Top of the Charts (July 23-27)

This is a unique camp for those who love physical theatre and expression. Learning basic mime, clown and mask skills campers will be challenged as they explore different ways of communicating and creating characters and environments.


This pop inspired musical theatre camp is for those who love to sing and dance. Using current hit songs, students will have the chance to explore their vocal skills, learn choreography and create their own pop concert.


Puppet Creation (July 30-August 3)

Singer Songwriters (July 30-August 3)

Welcome to the world of puppetry where anything is possible and everything can be a puppet. Using found objects and basic craft materials we will make and manipulate our own puppets. This will allow us to explore different ways of storytelling and to put them all together in our own puppet show.


Do you write songs? Have you always wanted to? This camp will look at the leading singer songwriters of today to inspire the singer songwriters of tomorrow. Whether it is lyrics or melody this camp is for anyone who loves music.



Mystery Theatre (August 7-10) (4 days!)

Musical Theatre Dance (August 7-10) (4 days!)

Everyone loves a good mystery!  Inspired by Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes we will create our own theatrical mystery including creating our own characters, script and of course a mysterious unsolvable crime.


Of course musicals are about singing, but they are also about dancing. Taking our choreography to the next level, this camp is meant to challenge our young performers. Exploring elements of ballet, jazz and tap, we will dance to our favourite show tunes.


Scene Study (August 13-17)

Broadway Bound (August 13-17)

For all young actors it is important to know how to break down a scene. What does the character want? What tactic will they use to get it? What does that even mean?? Under the guidance of our leading instructors students will work with other campers to learn lines, create dynamics and present a challenging acting scene. Suggested for anyone hoping to join the Young Actors Company at Neptune.


Using songs from a variety of hit Broadway shows students will act, sing and dance their way through this one week musical theatre camp. With Broadway calibre training students will bring their skills to the next level. Suggested for anyone hoping to join the Youth Performance Company at Neptune.



Acting 101 (August 20-24)

Musical Theatre 101 (August 20-24)

Scripts. Auditions. Character Development. Warm ups. Rehearsal. This class will help you learn what it takes to be a professional actor. Suggested for anyone hoping to join the Young Actors Company at Neptune.



Sheet music. Lyrics. Vocal Warm ups. Stretches. Dance routines. Singing Skills. And how to act while doing all of the above. This class will help you learn what it takes to be a professional musical theatre actor. Suggested for anyone hoping to join the Youth Performance Company at Neptune.


Participants are required to bring their own lunch and snacks. Neptune Theatre is NUT FREE.
Location: Shambhala School, 5450 Russell Street, Halifax
Camp Fee: $235


Introducing: Natal Day "Play-in-a-Day"


"Play-in-a-Day" Natal Day Camp (NEW!)

Location: Shambhala School, 5450 Russell St., Halifax

Fee: $50
Pre-care (8-9am) and post-care (4-5pm) available for $5 each slot.

Join us at Neptune for our first “Play-in-a-Day” for the civic holiday. Students will join in camp wide drama games, songs and activities culminating create their very own last minute play! What sort of drama will ensue? Who knows?! But you won’t want to miss this fantastic day of theatre adventures.

Register 4-6 | Register 7-9 | Register 10-12


  • All classes for age 4 – 12 are being held at Shambhala School, 5450 Russell Street unless otherwise noted.
  • All classes are from 9am to 4pm unless otherwise noted. Pre camp care (8-9am) and post camp care (4-5pm) are available for an additional charge.
  • Participant should bring their own lunch and snacks, Neptune camps are NUT FREE.
  • Participants should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows for easy movement and indoor shoes.
  • Some classes have a minimum registration and if that number is not met the class will not be offered.  You will be notified of any canceled classes and issued a full refund.
  • All fees are due upon registration. There are no refunds after the first class.
  • A non-refundable $35 administration fee is applied to all classes.
  • The Neptune Theatre Foundation cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries incurred in classes, or on its premises.  Students/parents are financially responsible for any physical damage they/their children do the building.
  • Neptune Theatre is the sole owner of all registration information. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others.

Neptune Theatre subscribers and sponsors are entitled to a 20% discount of the camp fee. If you do not know your subscription or access number please contact Neptune Theatre at 902-429-7300 for assistance prior to registration. All refunds are subject to a $35 administration fee; there are no refunds once the camp has begun.

*If after registration you do not receive a confirmation eReceipt, please check your spam/junk folder


The Musical Event of the Year!

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A mother. A daughter. Three possible Dads.

Dance along to the music of ABBA in this ultimate feel-good show, seen by over 60 million dancing fans in more than 40 countries!

Begins April 10, 2018!

The moral divide between two brothers, two cultures, and two nations.


May 1 - 20, 2018

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