Project Description

Neptune Theatre is embarking on a series of new mentorship programs to support, nurture and engage with emerging artists.

Neptune Theatre recognizes its position in the Atlantic Canadian arts community as a place of leadership and guidance. It is time to ensure that the emerging artists of tomorrow receive the support of the professional theatre community today.

The Chrysalis Project offers practical, hands-on experience, where participants can not only work and create within the Neptune family, but also alongside the broader theatre community.

The Project aims to assist these artists in finding a place within the professional community, by way of experience, mentorship and introduction.   

The Chrysalis Project is divided into SEVEN segments over a THREE year period and it is our hope to see the project grow each year.

Each segment of The Chrysalis Project will invite applicants to submit by May 1, 2018. The Artistic Accomplice will be selected and start working with the Artistic Director by June 30. The Director, Choreography, Musical Director & Designer Unit will begin in September 2018, in conjunction with Neptune’s 2018-19 season.

Each year will see a Masterclass for musical theatre performers, drawing in international mentors to help our acting community grow in this field specifically.

i. The Director Unit
ii. The Designer Unit
iii. The Choreography Unit
iv. The Musical Director Unit
v. Special performance Projects
vi. Artistic Accomplice (multi-year)
vii. Musical Theatre Masterclass


The Year

Over the course of a single theatre season (September - May, 2018-19,) our emerging artists will work with theatre staff, directors, designers, choreographers and related artists in a structured mentorship program.

The goal is to offer these participants an opportunity to experience focused activity within a regional theatre environment, working within a structured professional theatre organization.

Applications will be encouraged from ALL segments of the community and an outreach program will be initiated to ensure news of the Chrysalis Project spreads to all interested parties.


The Director Unit

Each director will work on THREE Neptune shows, assisting the director and creating a working relationship with all that are creating each project. The shows will be distributed among the participants according to size and style, so that each director might work on a large-scale production, a smaller Scotiabank Stage production and then shadow and assist a visiting company during their time at Neptune.

Each director will be placed off-site during the year to work closely with a mid-size theatre company on a production for a three-week placement.

The hosting company will be encouraged to guide the directors through the experience, contributing to their mentorship. The host companies will receive a modest financial contribution for their participation.

The three participants will also receive group mentorship sessions from visiting directors to Neptune (over and above the shows that they work on.)

Each director will create a 30-minute showcase production at the end of the year, working with the Neptune Theatre School staff for a 2-week rehearsal period. Guidelines on design and production elements will be closely monitored.

Each director will be given a pre-loaded credit card valued at $4000. This is their entire production budget.  These three showcase productions will be presented on the Scotiabank Stage for a three-performance weekend, open to the general public and with an invited audience of industry professionals.

The Designer Unit

Each designer unit participant will assist on TWO shows in the 2018-19 season, working with the designers that Neptune engages in each department. Designers will take on a mentorship role with their participant, working closely with the Project participant to give practical, hands-on experience.

Each designer participant will work on two contrasting shows during the season, to provide a variety of experience. We will have a Designer Unit participant in each of the following departments.

  1. Costume Designer
  2. Lighting Designer
  3. Set Designer


The Choreography and Musical Director Unit

We will invite an emerging Choreographer and an emerging Musical Director to be our participant for the Season. This individual will then assist choreographers/directors/musical directors on three shows through the 2018-19 season.

The participant will be expected to contribute to the creative process on each of these productions, working with their mentors and colleagues during preparation and rehearsal.


Musical Theatre Masterclass

Each year of the Chrysalis Project Neptune will bring in guest artist instructors with extensive and international experience to share.

Year one (2017-18 Season) is the musical HAMILTON.

INSIDE HAMILTON is a performance-based workshop featuring music and original choreography from the smash hit Broadway show, HAMILTON. It is the only workshop currently offered in North America that features original touring company members and directors (Musical Director, Julian Reeve, Original Resident Choreographer Derek Mitchell of the First National Tour.), combining their unique knowledge of the show with years of performing experience to deliver a workshop unlike any other.

INSIDE HAMILTON is way more than just learning songs and routines and from the show - this workshop introduces participants to the finer details of choreographic styles that influenced the show's choreographer, Andy Blankenbuler, and focuses on the specific requirements that all performers need in order to be cast in the show. Musically, performers are introduced to the many vocal demands of Hamilton, including the detailed process of how swings operate musically within the show. Participants will also learn about developing as a professional performer including audition technique, casting, and career development.




It is the intention of Neptune Theatre to have these Units working together and complimenting each other. There will be regular appraisals and tutorials for each participant and all participants will be under the overall guidance of the Artistic Director.

Neptune Theatre is a signatory to the Not In Our Space program created by CAEA/PACT and all participants will be expected to operate under that program. Neptune Theatre is committed to providing a safe workspace for all employees, artists and guests in the building.


Artistic Accomplice

Our Artistic Director needs an accomplice and this will be a full-time position starting May 1, 2018.

The Artistic Accomplice is an individual who is looking to move into an Artistic Director role in the future, but is still looking for guidance, experience, and mentorship within the Neptune Theatre organization.

The Artistic Accomplice will work closely with Neptune’s AD on implementing the 2018-19 season: also working alongside administration colleagues and the production department. The AA will also participate in the planning of Neptune’s 2019-20 season, assisting with the choosing of plays, casting, project and production development, and donor and sponsor relations.

The successful candidate will also be offered a modest budget to initiate and/or workshop new creation projects.

The ideal candidate has an established practice of creating new theatre work, an affinity for boundary-pushing art and a passion for independent producing/performance, and all of the associated joys and challenges.

The Artistic Accomplice will be experienced with community-engaged, intercultural artistic practices and will be ‘on board’ to join the Artistic Director in challenging convention and pushing well-worn boundaries.



Each participant will be paid a weekly honoraria for their time as a member of the Chrysalis Project, to assist with the cost of living, etc. 
Participants will be asked to sign a participation agreement/contract in which dates and activities, financial details, rules and policies will be stipulated.


Applicant Submissions 

Ethno cultural mandate:

Neptune Theatre encourages submissions from all qualified artists/performers, and prides itself on having an environment of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Artists from under-represented communities are encouraged to apply for poistions without regard to age, disability, ethno-cultural identity, gender or any other basis prohibited by law. 

Applying artists should be aware that Neptune also does not tolerate any form of harassment of its employees, clients, volunteers, or any persons visiting or spending time on its premises.

To submit for the Chrysalis Project, please supply the following:
1. Cover letter, detailing why you'd like to join us as part of the Chrysalis Project and why you think the project is right for you
2. Resume
3. If applicable/possible, samples of work
4. Support material (maximum of five pieces) - could include letters of endorsement, reviews.
Deadline: (postmark) May 1, 2018, 5pm
1593 Argyle Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2B2

No digital submissions

Candidates please note:

Email applications by 5pm, April 1, 2018 to with the subject: Artistic Accomplice Application.


To Conclude

In the theatre profession, mentorship and opportunity is vitally important.

At Neptune Theatre, we believe it our role to lead the way in creating opportunity for the creators of tomorrow.

The Chrysalis Project will engage NINE emerging artists and place them in a practical workplace environment with ample opportunity for creative input, hands-on involvement and extensive networking possibilities. The project will see them work with a host of colleagues on a number of projects, giving them opportunity for important practical experience.

Jeremy Webb
Artistic Director, Neptune Theatre
902 429-7300

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