Written and Directed by Thom Fitzgerald | Based on the stage play by Lee-Anne Poole
Produced by Doug Pettigrew & Thom Fitzgerald | Associate Producer R. Cooper Vollick

In person screenings and digital rental (October 23 - November 8)


Belle returns to her rural Nova Scotia home for her father’s funeral. Having caused her mother Nancy considerable consternation when she came out as a lesbian teen, Belle is now desperate to keep secret from her mother that she’s been in a relationship with a man for the last two years.

Sofia Banzhaf (Closet Monster) stars in the leading role as Belle, a young woman whose sexual identity is fluid. Shelley Thompson (Trailer Park Boys) stars as Belle’s traditionalist mother Nancy. Bailey Maughan and Callum Dunphy round out the starring cast.

Splinters is director Thom Fitzgerald’s fifth feature to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival. His 1997 film The Hanging Garden won the Peoples Choice Award and the Best Canadian Film Award at TIFF.

“It’s a beautiful and heartfelt drama, capturing the love of family and self as it explores the complexities of life.” - Cinema Without Borders

“the incomparable Shelley Thompson commands scene after scene with her layered performance as grieving widow and conservative mother” - Dillon Collins, The Newfoundland Herald

“An excellent ensemble… shot by great Canadian cinematographer Luc Montpellier, this intimate family drama is a visual feast” - Alex Heeney, Seventh Row


Belle • Sofia Banzhaf
Nancy • Shelley Thompson
Greg • Bailey Maughan
Rob • Callum Dunphy 

Deb Allen
Gil Anderson
Juanita Peters
Hugh Thompson
Daniel Lillford
Jennifer Overton
Mary-Colin Chisholm
Ian Wilson


Director • Thom Fitzgerald
Writer • Thom Fitzgerald, based on the stage play by Lee-Anne Poole
Director of Photography • Luc Montpellier
Production Designer • Ryan Vessey
Costume Designer • Emlyn Murray
Original Music • Stewart Legere
Sound Mixer • Eric Leclerk
Editor • Thom Fitzgerald
Sound Designer • Christopher Francis Mitchell
Producers • Doug Pettigrew, Thom Fitzgerald
Associate Producer • R. Cooper Vollick