Trummp The Musical - Touring Show

June 20 - 22, 2019

Peter MacDonald Productions

Written by Peter A. MacDonald and Spencer Fitzgerald

It's gonna be Bigly. Tremendous. The Best. Just Huge.

The Brilliant writers of "Come From Away" wrote a show about a small town in Newfoundland, Canada.  In return a team of brilliant writers from a small town in Newfoundland Canada have written a show about those who COME FROM AWAY
Swoop over the skies of Washington D.C. and dive right through the bedroom window of the sleeping President Donald J. Trummp. Ahhhh, tastes like a “Presidential Day!” Swallow, and lets follow Miss Suzy Free-Star and her patriotic brother Max as they start their first day as interns in the Trummp White House. But Hark!  Excitement quickly turns to suspicion as Suzy notices that not everything is quite as “great” as it appears.. With the help of the other brave interns, a frank, straight shotting Secretary of Defence, and a bit of curiosity, Suzy leads the charge against a broken system, and therefore "The Donald" himself. Will the interns be able to bring about change before it gets atomic? Follow along the intriguing plot and  quick witted commentary on today's political climate and larger than life characters.
Thousands of audience members have already laughed along ! Believe me, you’re not gonna wanna miss out on this Biggly, Tremendous, the Best, just HUGE hit, “TRUMMP THE MUSICAL”! In it's Canadian premiere, audiences rose to their feet to celebrate the show stopping musical numbers with rock, blues, big-band, gospel, and swing influences. 

From the writers

The most important part of democracy is the people. Change is possible when citizens actively participate. In this time of political uncertainty, complacency contributes to the chaos. Commenting on an American situation, we the writers of “Trummp the Musical”, have created a show that reflects our concerns with the widespread inactive role of the citizen. Although we have written a comedy for the entertainment of our audience, we hope the message resonates deeply within your desire to create a better world.  - Peter MacDonald & Spencer FitzGerald

Fountain Hall

Show Times:
Thursday - Saturday: 7:30 pm


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