RBC Chrysalis Project

Artistic Director Internship


Neptune Theatre and Prime Mover Theatre Company are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications from Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) artists interested in the 2020-21 RBC Chrysalis Project. We have re-imagined the 20-21 RBC Chrysalis Project as an Artistic Director Internship exclusively for emerging IBPOC arts leaders.  

The selected artists will intern with Jeremy Webb, Neptune Theatre’s Artistic Director and Ray Hogg, Founding Artistic Director of Prime Mover Theatre Company and Deputy Artistic Director of Musical Stage Company. 

Supported by RBC Future Launch and Prime Mover Theatre Co.    

How it Works

This new capacity-building program offers practical, hands-on experience for emerging IBPOC arts leaders by supporting building leadership skills; crafting an artistic vision, and forging connections with artistic leaders across the country.  Over the course of ten months, the intern Artistic Director will work closely with the artistic and administrative staff at Neptune Theatre and Prime Mover Theatre Company in developing their 2021-22 seasons; participating in all facets of artistic direction including:

  • administrative decision-making: policy development, budgeting, grant writing, scheduling, casting, negotiating, contracting, production and marketing
  • artistic decision-making, programming, and creation: development of the 20-21 season, including digital opportunities through Neptune’s digital platform NeptuneAtHome.com; creation of new works - in conjunction with INKubator, Neptune’s play development initiative; development of artist training programs through Prime Mover’s Legacy Project, as well as the creation of their own artistic project (which may or may not be performance-based)
  • community stewardship: participating in regional and national caucus meetings, conferences, committee, advocacy and outreach work

Under the mentorship of project lead Ray Hogg, the Artistic Director intern will also have an opportunity to focus on personal and professional advancement through:

  • weekly mentorship meetings: to set goals, evaluate progress and create a long-term career plan
  • research and exploration of career opportunities: assessing the regional and national theatre landscape, identifying artistic leaders and best practices
  • building credentials and an artistic resume: evaluating and articulating current skills and artistic accomplishments
  • networking: meeting and maintaining contact with a broad spectrum of artists and artistic leaders across the country
  • residency: working directly in Toronto with Mr. Hogg, benefiting from his expertise as a racialized arts leader at Prime Mover Theatre Company and Musical Stage Company

Who Can Apply

Based on the parameters of our primary funding partner, the RBC Chrysalis Project is open to IBPOC artists who are under 30 years of age and interested in pursuing artistic leadership as a career.  Candidates should be able to demonstrate:

  • Vision
  • Inventiveness
  • Resourcefulness 
  • Optimism 
  • Clarity of thought/Communication skills

We are actively seeking submissions from artists of all backgrounds, abilities, and ethnicities as we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We especially encourage folk who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQ2S+, d/Deaf, Mad, Disabled/People with Disabilities, and/or Neurodiverse to submit. **Please indicate if you self-identify as belonging to any of these priority groups**

How to Apply

 Applicants are required to submit a cover letter, resume, and support materials:

Your cover letter should answer the following three questions:

  1. What does artistic direction mean to you?
  2. How do you define leadership?
  3. What role does an artistic director play in the shaping of a theatre community and the broader community in which the theatre company exists and creates?

Your support materials may include some or all of the following:

  1. Applicant statement. Help us understand your creative practices, your process, what excites you, and what drives you to make theatre. Tell us all about your creative & professional journey so far. This part of your application can be presented in any medium you choose (i.e. written word, video, audio)
  2. Letters of support (optional)
  3. Portfolio/work samples/Press material (optional)

**Please email submissions to: submissions@neptunetheatre.com  with “YOUR NAME, RBC Chrysalis Project 2020/21 Submission” in the subject line by Friday, November 13th, 2020 (11:59 pm).**

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline; Friday, November 13th, 2020 (11.59 pm EST); 

Start Date: Monday, January 18, 2021 (based on the availability of the successful applicant.)

Additional Information:

  • Neptune Theatre will cover travel expenses, should an out-of-town artist be accepted as the AD Intern.
  • Pay a weekly salary commensurate with industry standards for such a position for 10 months.
  • Provide office space and administrative support to the successful applicant.
  • Provide a contract for the RBC Chrysalis AD intern detailing start date, end date, salary details and terms & conditions.

Project Partner

Ray Hogg is a Black Canadian arts leader with over 20 years of experience as a theatre artist. He is the founding Artistic Director of Prime Mover Theatre Company, Deputy Artistic Director of Musical Stage Company, and, since 2017, has worked alongside Neptune Theatre Artistic Director Jeremy Webb as Affiliate Artist.  From 2012-2017, Ray Hogg was the Artistic Director of Winnipeg’s 2,300- seat theatre, Rainbow Stage.  During his tenure at Rainbow Stage, Ray ushered in an era of unprecedented artistic growth and excellence, forged acclaimed partnerships with flagship institutions such as the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and spearheaded the creation of nationally recognized professional arts training programs.

Prime Mover Theatre Company is Canada’s newest theatre company dedicated to the advancement of marginalized artistic voices through advocacy, artist training, and large-scale co-production.  The company focuses on developing and championing exceptional artists and their works, developing new live-performance work, and assembling production partners from flagship organizations across the country.    In October 2020 the company developed its creative artist development program - The Legacy Project (which includes The Creator’s Lab, NoteWorthy, and the RBC Chrysalis project).

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