Did you know? Your ticket only buys half your seat. 

Beyond the curtains, there are many artists, technicians and trades people who have a  hand in creating what you see on stage. It is their work that creates the worlds in which the performers live. From the depths of Pantoland, to the palace of King Henry VIII, or even a sex  shop in a small town, it is these people that set the scene and dress the talent for the part. 

A seemingly simple item, a chair for example, can take hours to get ready for the stage.  It needs to fit within the set design, and stand up to the wear of 8 shows a week (sometimes  used in ways no chair was intended for). Designing, painting, upholstering, carpentry, all have  a hand in getting a simple chair to the stage. 

This is even truer for ambitious creations, like a talking candelabra, a pirate eating crocodile,  or a time machine — all this work, when we do it well, appears effortless.

The financial cost of this work is invisible. Building and creating these worlds is expensive.  The business of producing live theatre is not a profitable one. On the contrary, most of our shows would be a financial loss. While we are fortunate to own our beautiful venue, the maintenance  and upkeep comes with never ending financial costs. 

When you purchase a ticket to a Neptune show only 50% covers our costs. The other 50% comes from the support of sponsors, government partners, and individual donors. Your ticket purchases, donations and support of our fundraisers all help us to create these magnificent worlds, maintain our venue, and enable our artists, crew, administrators, and  performers continue to do their best work in a safe and welcoming environment for years  to come. 

Thank you for keeping live theatre a part of our community.
Michael Erwin, Production Manager, Neptune Theatre

50/50 Raffle

Ticket purchases only cover 50% of Neptune’s costs. The other 50% comes from donations, grants and fundraisers - like this one. When you purchase a ticket to our 50/50, it's a WIN/WIN

 Neptune Theatre is Atlantic Canada’s premier destination for live, professional theatre. We are the cultural heart and soul of the Halifax community. Our values are grounded in the belief that the power of live theatre can transform and connect. We are committed to mindfully bringing to life stories that represent the history and diversity of our region and its people. With 58 years under our belt, we continue to seek new ways to connect with our local community and create outstanding experiences that enlighten and bring joy to our audiences.

We thank you for your support! Good Luck!


Ticket Sales End: Sunday January 9, 2022
Draw Location: Neptune Theatre.
Draw will be conducted on Neptune Theatre’s Facebook page

License # AGD-312031-21

House Rules

    1. Tickets will be available online and sold at a rate of: 1/$10, 3/$20, 8/$50, and 20/$100
    2. The 50/50 draw tickets will be sold using online software and will be delivered primarily to the buyer’s stated email address.
    3. It is the sole responsibility of the ticket buyer to ensure that they receive the correct number of tickets based on the successful financial transaction with the online 50/50 software.
    4. Pot sizes will be updated daily on Neptune Theatre’s Facebook page and website.
    5. The winner will be determined by drawing a ballot from a container of all ballots received for the draw. Draw will take place live on Neptune Theatre’s Facebook page on Tuesday, March 2, 1pm.
    6. The winner will receive 50% of the total pot. A payment will be made by cheque to the winner from Neptune Theatre Foundation. The winner must be present at Neptune Theatre (1593 Argyle Street, Halifax), have the ticket in hand and must have valid identification to claim the prize. The winner must also agree to have their picture taken, name and address recorded. They must also agree to allow their image and name to be included in future advertising on any medium to claim the prize.
    7. The winner will have 90 days to claim the prize effective the original draw date. If the prize is not claimed within 90 days another draw using the same entrants will be made.
    8. Entrants must be Nova Scotia residents and at least 19 years of age.
    9. The draw will be held on March 2, 2021 at Neptune Theatre. Draw will be conducted live on Neptune Theatres Facebook page.
    10. The winner will be contacted by phone and email. Failure of the winner to claim their prize 90 days after the draw date will result in a second draw from the same entrants for the full original value of the prize amount.