Sponsorship Opportunities

Partnering with our iconic arts organization offers your company brand alignment with excellence and strategic campaigns to a targeted audience. Our experienced team will work with you to deliver a partnership arrangement that meets your company's business needs and objectives.

Key to our success for over 50 years is our commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships.  We have entered into mutually beneficial and well-defined relationships with various stakeholders to achieve common goals.

Custom Packages

We strive to provide a memorable experience to your business and are happy to work with you to develop a sponsorship package that best suits your needs.   

Premier Sponsorship

Premier Sponsorship allows your company to become a major sponsor of Neptune's activities throughout the year, giving you exclusive access to a host of benefits and providing a fascinating insight into all areas of Neptune's work. We will work with you to ensure that your business objectives are met and your proud support is suitably acknowledged.

Production Sponsorship

By directly supporting a particular theatre production, your sponsorship enables Neptune to continue to bring work to the Fountain Hall and Studio stages. In addition you can support specific elements of a production such as wardrobe, set, special effects, Musical Director's chair and more.

Education Program Sponsorship

Neptune Theatre School has a variety of opportunities available that will help satisfy corporate social responsibility policies relating to education and the community. Neptune provides exceptional education programs for people of all ages and abilities. We can work with you to develop projects that you can support over a year or longer. In return Neptune will provide a range of attractive benefits to meet your responsible objectives.

Single Evening or Weekend Sponsorship

Become a sponsor of a single performance and enjoy a superb evening at Neptune for you and your clients. Your support will be gratefully acknowledged on the evening of the performance in front of the audience, in our house programs and on our website.

For more details on how your company can support us, please contact Lisa Bugden, General Manager, at lbugden@neptunetheatre.com.

Thank you sponsors and partners!


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