Dream It Lottery


Your chance to win $3,100!


With the current situation across Canada and around the world, we have had to make adjustments to our Must See Musical Flyaway Lottery, now called the Dream It Lottery. We want to help you look forward to brighter times ahead and make your dream destination a reality. Imagine suntanning in the Caribbean, exploring a Napa Valley vineyard or taking a stroll under the bright lights of New York City.  


  • The draw date has been extended from March 29, 2020 to August 29, 2020

  • The prize (originally a trip for 2 to Toronto to see Come From Away and Hamilton ) will be awarded as a cash prize in the amount of $3,100 (amount is based on value of the trip)

  •   To purchase tickets to enter, please contact the Neptune Theatre box office at 902-429-7070

  •  Tickets are $5 for 1 ticket  or  5 tickets for $20

  • You must 19 years of age or older to participate


We thank all of those who have supported Neptune Theatre with this initiative.  We look forward to seeing again at the theatre very soon.



House Rules for the Neptune Theatre 2020 Dream It Lottery
Approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Division under License #: AGD-303393-20
  1. The prize is $3100 cash.
  2. The Lottery Tickets are tickets printed by the box office at Neptune Theatre on customized theatre ticket “two-part” ticket stock. The two parts contain a matching serial number that is unique to each ticket. One part of the ticket, the larger part, containing the details of the draw and prize shall remain with the purchaser, the smaller ticket stub portion will remain with the theatre. There are two distinctly different ticket types. One is a $5 single ticket, the other is specifically marked as a discounted ticket sold in sets of 5 for $20.
  3. The Draw  shall take place at Neptune Theatre on 29 August 2020. The drawing of the winning tickets shall be performed by an Independent Volunteer who has no direct link to Neptune. The draw will take place in front of a minimum of three independent witnesses. The draw will be managed and supervised at all times by the Licensee. The name and contact details of the Independent Volunteer drawing the ticket and the three persons acting as official witnesses will be recorded and retained. The draw will be executed by the random and blind removal of a single ticket stub for the prize from inside the locked and sealed container that holds all of the sold ticket stubs. 
  4. The Announcement  will be immediate and in front of witnesses present. The announcement will declare the name of the winning ticket. Additionally, immediately thereafter, the winning ticket will be signposted at the Neptune Box Office and on the main doors at Neptune Theatre.   IF the winning ticket was purchased directly through our box office ticketing system, then Neptune will be able to identify the name and contact details of the persons who purchased the tickets through our customer records and will contact the individual concerned within 24 hours of the draw to notify them of the status of their winning ticket.
  5. In Order to be declared a Winner   the Theatre must be able to prove through its customer records that the winning tickets were purchased by a named customer recorded in the Theatres transaction database,  or,  if the ticket was purchased from a location outside of our electronic transaction system, the holder of a winning ticket stub must present the purchasers matching half of the winning ticket to the Theatre Box Office. A winner does not need to be present for the draw to qualify as a winner.
  6. The Winner  agrees that they will join Neptune Theatre to participate in a publicity advertisement that announces the name of the winner and the details of the prize. The winner shall not be compensated for such participation.
  7. Security of Tickets and Stubs shall be afforded under the control of the Neptune Box Office. Tickets can only be printed through electronic manipulation of the Neptune Ticketing System where all transactions are tracked electronically.  At any time, Neptune shall be able to determine how many tickets have been printed, how many have been sold and what serial numbers are on the printed and/or sold tickets.  The stub of sold tickets shall be retained by Neptune Box Office in a lockable, sealed container.  The container shall be kept in the box office and the keys to the container will only be held by the Theatre’s General Manager or designated representative.  If the container is ever opened prior to the draw date, a written record of such an event shall be maintained by the theatre, including the date, location, and reason for the opening of the box.  A minimum of three people will be required to be present should such an opening ever take place.  The box will be locked and sealed on completion and the three witnesses will sign an affidavit indicating that all ticket stubs remained intact properly contained and accounted for and that the box was subsequently resealed and re-locked.  Individual ticket purchasers shall be entirely responsible for the security of their own portion of the tickets they have purchased.
  8. Neptune  employees and their families  shall  be eligible to purchase Lottery tickets in their own name because of the independent nature of the draw and the degree of security being afforded the ticket and stub control.
  9. The Prize is NOT transferable, non-refundable.
  10. The Proceeds of the Lottery  shall accrue to the Neptune Theatre Foundation, a not-for-profit, registered Canadian Charity. Neptune Theatre shall utilize the funds to support its budget and mandate to provide Live Theatre to the general population.
  11. The Geographic location of the Lottery   is the province of Nova Scotia and no tickets will be offered for sale outside of Nova Scotia.
  12. The minimum age of a Participant  is 19 Years of Age. No ticket shall be sold to persons under the age of 19 and the winner must be 19 Years of Age or older.
  13. The nominal cash value of the prizes is $3100.
  14. The last date and time for qualifying tickets sales shall be August 29, 2020
  15. House Rules  shall be promulgated on the Neptune Theatre website at  neptunetheatre.com  and shall be posted at the Neptune Theatre Box Office throughout the Lottery license duration.