Mother's Day Raffle

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift - time away from being MOM. Enter the Mother's Day Raffle for a chance to gift (or keep for yourself) the perfect day or two AWAY from home.


  • $300 in restaurant gift cards to any of The Murphy's Hospitality Groups restaurants - The Gahan House, The Barrington Steakhouse and Oyster Bar, Grounded Coffee Bar, Pickford and Black - that calls for an amazing brunch and dinner out
  • $500 Halifax Shopping Centre gift card - just in time for new summer fashions
  • $200 14 Bells Art Gallery - we all need beautiful art in our lives
  • 2 tickets to one of the Reunited performances at Neptune Theatre during May - audiences have loved the April shows
  • Spirit Spa Bespoke Spa Package, includes a body wrap and facial - I'm relaxing just thinking about it.
  • $100 NSLC gift card - just because.
  • 1-night stay for two at the Residence Inn Marriott.

Okay mothers - win this thing and gift it to yourself - you deserve it!


Ticket Sales End: April 29, 2021
Draw Date: May 1, 2021
Draw Location: Neptune Theatre. Draw will be conducted live on Neptune Theatre’s Facebook page

License Number: AGD-308923-21


House Rules

  1. Tickets will be available online and sold at a rate of: 1/$5, 3/$10, 20/$20, and 100/$50
  1. The 50/50 draw tickets will be sold using online software and will be delivered primarily to the buyer’s stated email address.
  2. It is the sole responsibility of the ticket buyer to ensure that they receive the correct number of tickets based on the successful financial transaction with the online Raffle software.
  3. Pot sizes will be updated daily on Neptune Theatre’s Facebook page and website.
  4. The winner will be determined by drawing a ballot from a container of all ballots received for the draw. Draw will take place live on Neptune Theatre’s Facebook page on Saturday, May 1, 9pm.
  5. The winner will receive a Mother’s Day gift package consisting of : 2 tickets to Neptune Theatre live show Reunited (choice of May 8, May 9, May 15 or May 22, 2021), $500 Halifax Shopping Centre Gift Card, 1 night stay at Residence Inn (Halifax), $300 in gift certificates to Murphy’s Hospitality Group of Restaurants, $100 NSLC Gift Card, 14 Bell’s Art Gallery $200 Gift Card, Bespoke Spa Package, it includes a body wrap and facial $285
  6. The winner must be present at Neptune Theatre (1593 Argyle Street, Halifax), have the ticket in hand and must have valid identification to claim the prize. The winner must also agree to have their picture taken, name and address recorded. They must also agree to allow their image and name to be included in future advertising on any medium to claim the prize.
  7. The winner will have 90 days to claim the prize effective the original draw date. If the prize is not claimed within 90 days another draw using the same entrants will be made.
  8. Entrants must be Nova Scotia residents and at least 19 years of age.
  9. The draw will be held on May 1, 2021 at Neptune Theatre. Draw will be conducted live on Neptune Theatres Facebook page.
The winner will be contacted by phone and email. Failure of the winner to claim their prize 90 days after the draw date will result in a second draw from the same entrants for the full original value of the prize amount.