Workshops & Outreach


We are currently offering outreach workshops in Musical Theatre, Improv, Dance and Character Development at Neptune Theatre. Whether you come to our facilities or we come to you,  workshops led by industry professionals run for 1-3 hr sessions. 

These workshop prices are for a minimum of 18 students and a maximum of 25 students per group. Multiple simultaneous workshops can be arranged depending on space availability. We can also arrange for you to eat lunch on site.










Explore different ways of creating characters and telling stories. 


3 hrs


Learn a basic script and learn the skills involved in creating a mini scene






Learn a song and some basic choreography


*Note: Workshops that take place somewhere other than the Neptune facilities, such as your school will require extra costs - such as travel. Please contact us to negotiate. 
**Note that at least 1 adult supervisor from your school must be in attendance at all times. 
***Workshops at Neptune may include a tour of the facilities depending on what is happening in the building. Please inquire. 

General inquiries:;  902-429-3750

Share your thoughts and ideas

Do you have ideas for shows you would like to have come to your school? Want to organize a workshop with your staff? Need help developing a specialized program for your students? Feel free to reach out and contact me anytime at 902-429-3750

Or contact us by email:

Laura Caswell, Director of Education

Julia Topple, Theatre School Administrator

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