Acting Masterclasses & Intensives


Adult Training is open to students 18 years and older, with Intensives and Masterclasses offered in a wide variety of theatre disciplines. The intent of the Adult Masterclass is to allow you to focus on a specific skill you are looking to get training on. Adult Intensives are structured to train adults at a professional level in areas of theatre, dance, and performance. Courses are run by leading professionals in the community or experienced visiting artists.

Adult Masterclasses

Neptune Masterclasses offer adults and pre-professionals the opportunity to work with the best in the industry; building special skills, enhancing repertoire, networking with professionals, and challenging themselves as performers and artists. 

All Masterclasses take place at Neptune Theatre, 1593 Argyle St, Scotiabank Stage Entrance

*Please note: there are no discounts on Masterclasses

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Puppetry - with Struan Robertson of Mermaid Theatre

Workshop 1 - Puppet Manipulation

Sunday, December 1st, 2019



Students will be instructed in the manipulation of various styles of puppets, ranging from basic hand puppets to large ‘doughboy’ five-person puppets, which require group coordination.  Basic puppet theatre exercises will help the participants to acquire the skills and techniques required to move their puppet characters effectively onstage.


Workshop 1 - Shadow Puppets

Sunday, December 15th, 2019



Students will be instructed in the manipulation of shadow puppets. Students will learn how to operate and maneuver the light source and simple shadow puppets through a number of different exercises.  After leaning these new skills and techniques students will explore materials to create their own shadow puppets and learn how to tell stories.


Adult Intensives

Neptune Intensives are the courses for adults and pre-professionals that are somewhere in between our drop-in and masterclass options. These sessions run for multiple weeks allowing students to focus and grow, while working in a relaxed and safe environment. Try something new! Enhance your skills! And of course, meet new people. 

All Intensives take place at Neptune Theatre, 1593 Argyle St, Scotiabank Stage Entrance

*Please note: there are no discounts on Intensives

Everybody Stand-Up! - with Bill Wood

Wednesdays, November 13th - December 18th, 2019


$135(+HST) - that works out to only $11.25/hr!


Are you a budding comedian, do you have a few jokes jotted in a note book, are you often regaling folks with funny tails of your exploits, maybe you just love stand-up and want to see if you too can take the stage and wow a crowd? If this sounds like you then sign up now. This writing intensive workshop will show you how to train your brain to find comedic ideas in the real world, how to turn those ideas into jokes and how to structure your jokes into a larger set ready for the stage. Through in class writing and performance exercises students will be prepared for a final stand-up showcase at the end of the term. This class is appropriate for students ranging from complete novice to intermediate comedians, where ever you are on your stand-up journey we will help you gain skills and grow as a writer and performer.

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Neptune Improv Conservatory

Interested in participating in the Neptune Improv Conservatory Program in 2019-20? You must audition for the this 30 week intensive program. To express interest and book an audition spot, please apply by filling out the IMPROV CON FORM.

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