Summer Camps - Week 3

July 15 - 19 (five day camp) 9am - 4pm

Camp for ages 4-12 will take place at the Shambhala School at 5450 Russell Street, Halifax.

Camp for Teens 13-18 will take place at Neptune Theatre at 1593 Argyle Street, Halifax through the Scotiabank Stage Entrance. Teens please note: LA Technique - Level 1 is a 3-day camp from 10am-2pm.

Need to drop off earlier or pick up later? No problem! We have pre and post camp available, allowing students to be dropped off an hour earlier, and picked up an hour later. Pre and post camp care are $25 each for the week. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

4-6yrs (Drama) Be 'Marvel'ous!


Calling all Superheroes! What secret superpowers do you possess? How can we use our powers to make this world a better place? Creating our own team, our young heroes will go on adventures, meet new friends, and save the world! A camp for anyone creative with a lot of energy.

4-6yrs (Musical) The House of Mouse


Come into the House of Mouse where all your favourite Disney characters are joined in! Prepare your own show full of excitement and wonder. Showcase your talents for your friends and family to see. Sing fairytales, move like wild creatures and make fantastic art pieces. A week of magical theatre camp fun!

7-9yrs (Drama) Letter from Hogwarts


Dumbledore is calling you for a week of theatre magic.  You’re the new witch or wizard in town! It’s time to demonstrate your magical talents and get sorted into your house. Create spells, learn magic, design your own wand and sharpen your theatre skills to defend against the Dark Arts. The adventures of the famous young wizards will become the base for our own adventures this summer. Don’t forget your broom!

7-9yrs (Musical) Camp Rock


This is your chance to be a rock star!  We provide the soundtrack, you provide the killer vocals and rockin moves. We will learn the basics of movement, singing, acting and being a rock star. Come rock out with us as we create our very own concert. Don’t forget your air guitar!

10-12yrs (Drama) To be or Not to be....Dramatic!


Do you like being over dramatic and over the top? Can you relate to the problems of Soap Opera actors? Duh! Come and bring all the drama! We are going to be exploring the totally real and valid storytelling of reality television and melodramas. Receive seemingly normal scenes and blow them way out of proportion! Write your own monologue and discover how passionately you can express your feelings. It’s all inside of you waiting to come out!

10-12yrs (Musical) Musical Theatre Nerd


Celebrate your love for nerdy theatre musicals. Star Wars! Harry Potter! Percy Jackson! Learn alternative and absurd songs about your favourite series’. Practice entertaining choreography and movement for the different worlds you’ll explore. Live long and theatre on!

13-18yrs (Drama) LA Technique - Level 1


(Tues-Thurs, 10am-2pm)

Kristin Howell brings back her incredible LA Technique Training to our Summer Camps. Learn how to prepare sides, rock an audition and tricks to creating a character. Perfect for anyone interested in learning more about casting and reading scripts. This intensive will help you build confidence and gain the skills needed to take your acting to the next level. All levels welcome.

Please note : Camps will go off sale at 5pm the day before camps start. Please complete your booking prior to that time.

  • Students 14 years and older must add 15% HST.
  • Students should bring their own snacks and lunches. Neptune Theatre School is NUT & SHELLFISH FREE.
  • Students who have a birthday within two months of a class's start date may sign up for that class (i.e. if your child is 6, but will turn 7 within two months of a 7-9 class starting, they may be signed up for the older class.)
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  • Neptune Theatre Foundation cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries incurred in classes, or on its premises. Students/parents are financially responsible for any physical damage they/their children do to the building.
  • All classes and camps are subject to a $35 non refundable fee per enrollment.
  • Some camps have a minimum registration and if that number is not met the class will not be offered. You will be notified of any canceled classes.