Summer Camps - Week 6

August 6 - 9 (four day camp, no camp Monday) 9am - 4pm

Camp for ages 4-12 will take place at the Shambhala School at 5450 Russell Street, Halifax.

Camp for Teens 13-18 will take place at Neptune Theatre at 1593 Argyle Street, Halifax through the Scotiabank Stage Entrance. Teens please note: LA Technique - Level 2 is a 3-day camp from 10am-2pm. All others are 4-day camps from 9am-4pm.

Need to drop off earlier or pick up later? No problem! We have pre and post camp available, allowing students to be dropped off an hour earlier, and picked up an hour later. Pre and post camp care are $25 each for the week. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to   


4-6yrs (Drama) Camp Dino-Roar


Can you roar like a t-rex? Fly like a pterodactyl? Run like a raptor? These prehistoric creatures allow us to use our larger-than-life imaginations to create new movements, characters and stories. Taking inspiration from our favourite dino-songs, movies, and stories, we will create our own “dino-themed” show.

4-6yrs (Musical) Singing Safari Rangers


In the wild we see the musical theatre kid in its natural habitat… theatre camp! Become a Safari Ranger and explore songs about different animals. Enter the jungle and let your powerful voice roar through the audience! Learn songs and dancing about our favourite animal friends, participating in activities and making wild crafts you’re sure to have a adventurous time!

7-9yrs (Drama) Comedy Carnival


Are you goofy? Silly? And love having fun? Do you like to make up stories on the spot and aren’t afraid to put yourself out there? Through theatre games, character exploration and environment building you will learn new and exciting improvisational skills. Students will build their confidence and take their comedy to the next level.

7-9yrs (Musical) Summerween


Wish it was October 31st? Well wait no more! Spend this spooky week with us. Dress up in awesome costumes. Learn eerie songs and dances about magic, casting spells and moving like a ghost! It is sure to be a hauntingly good time!

10-12yrs (Drama) Improv & Comedy


Do you like to make people laugh? Do you like to invent new characters and scenes on the spot? If you answered “yes, and…” then this is the camp for you! Play lots of fun improv games and learn how it’s evolved into a theatre sport. Build your confidence as you take chances and improve on your comedy skills. Challenge yourself as you move on to the next level of creativity.

10-12yrs (Musical) Celebrate the Underdog


Musicals are full of aspiring performers! Could you be the next rising underdog to find fame? Explore musical soundtracks that focus on stories of perseverance and strength. Sing songs that express your feelings and dance with your heart. Everyone’s story is important, find ways to tell yours.

13-18yrs (Drama) Theatre Sampler


This is the perfect theatre intensive for that person who loves to try new things. With an emphasis on different types of physical theatre (Mime, Mask, Clown and Stage Combat) this 4 day sampler will allow you to “try a taste” of some new theatre skills each day. Challenge yourself, explore new physicalities and build your skills resume.

13-18yrs (Musical) Intensive - Movie Musicals


This is a camp for anyone who loves Musicals from the Big Screen. Leading singing and dancing instructors will daily exercises and activities to build your skills as a “triple threat”. You will work as an ensemble in least two musical theatre numbers. Bring together your passions for Musicals and Hollywood. All levels welcome.

13-18yrs (Drama) LA Technique - Level 2


(Tues-Thurs, 10am-2pm)

If you have attended any of Kirstin’s LA Technique classes or intensives you can now “dive deeper” into ways to rock your auditions. Now that you are familiar with protocol of auditions and script reading you can take the next step to becoming a true professional. This intensive is for students who are already familiar with the basics of the LA technique and are ready for a challenge.

LA Technique Level 1 is a prerequisite.

Please note : Camps will go off sale at 5pm the day before camps start. Please complete your booking prior to that time.

  • Students 14 years and older must add 15% HST.
  • Students should bring their own snacks and lunches. Neptune Theatre School is NUT & SHELLFISH FREE.
  • Students who have a birthday within two months of a class's start date may sign up for that class (i.e. if your child is 6, but will turn 7 within two months of a 7-9 class starting, they may be signed up for the older class.)
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  • Neptune Theatre Foundation cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries incurred in classes, or on its premises. Students/parents are financially responsible for any physical damage they/their children do to the building.
  • All classes and camps are subject to a $35 non refundable fee per enrollment.
  • Some camps have a minimum registration and if that number is not met the class will not be offered. You will be notified of any canceled classes.