PD Day Camps

New to Neptune Camps? Or maybe this is your favourite place and you cannot wait to come back for more? These one day camps run at Neptune Theatre from 9am-4pm. Students will join in camp-wide drama games, songs, and activities culminating with creating their very own last minute play! What sort of drama will ensue? Who knows?! But you won't want to miss this fantastic day of theatre adventures!

For ages 4-12 & 12-18
Fee: $50
Time: 9am to 4pm - join us for our presentation at 3:40pm!

Peter Pan-demonium!

Thursday, November 28th

Ages 4-12

Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning! Working together, we will put on a mini musical using the characters from this famous story, and maybe even create a few new ones. Grab your pixie dust, think of a happy thought, and get hooked!


Intro to Directing

Thursday, November 28th

Ages 12-18

Are you a big-picture person? Do you love theatre and what to do more than perform? Are you an actor looking to learn more about the other side of things? In this class students will spend a day exploring the directors craft with Margaret Legere. Legere holds a Bachelor of Arts with an honours in Acting and a Masters of Fine Arts: Directing. Join us for this exploration of leadership and creativity. This fun, on-your-feet-learning day will include exercises in creating a fun space to work in, making ideas come to life, working with actors, and making the final touches before ‘opening night’. Students will be given the opportunity to direct their peers and present their own 2 min play. Suitable for mature students with an interest in directing and/or acting. 


Improv the Day Away

Wednesday, March 25th

Ages 4-12

Do you like to make believe? Do you like to make people laugh? Do you like to have fun? If you answered yes, then this is the camp for you! Join us for one day of improv games and activities that are sure to tickle your funny bone, and get you jumping for the joy of improv!


Fairytale Musical

Thursday, April 2nd

Ages 4-12

From Frozen and Aladdin to Tangled and Mulan; everyone deserves their own fairytale ending! Come join us on our magic carpet ride through some of our favourite fairytale stories, and learn a  song and dance (or two) that you can take with you and teach your friends!

Magical Play-in-a-Day 

Friday, May 15th

Ages 4-12

Wands at the ready, swish and flick! Join us for this Harry Potter themed play-in-a-day camp. Bring your imaginations and your flu powder, and get ready for a magical day!


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to school@neptunetheatre.com 

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