PD Day Camps - Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education

A partnership between Neptune Theatre School and the Discovery Centre is bringing you PD Day Camps at home! These Zoom camps host students in drama and storytelling activities combined with science and technology experiments. For students 7-12yrs of age, $40 per student per PD Day.

*Classes run on Zoom from 10:30-12 and 1-2:30. The program is designed for the students to attend both sessions.
*A parent or supervisor/parent will need to be close by to assist with some of the technology and some activities.
*Families may need to print activity sheets and gather some materials from home.

Witches & Wizards Welcome!

October 23

Attention all witches and wizards! YOU have been accepted to join the most magical side of Neptune and Discovery Centre in this day of sorcery and fun! Be prepared to showcase your most beloved spells, and tell stories fit for those with a spark in their eye! If you wish to join us on this magical quest, and ignite some science magic, we guarantee you will learn the skills to harness your power!

Dramatic Dragons

November 19

Prepare to unfold your board game beneath your feet, because we welcome you to join us on a mythical quest! Roll the dice and take your move, as challenges and treasure lie ahead of you! Learn about dragon biology and the earth sciences behind them! Whether you’re playing the role of a knight, warrior princess or dragon… there’s a spot on the board for YOU! Join us in this day long adventure to seek your fantastical destiny and imagine rich worlds of dragonfire that defy disbelief!

Stay Frozen

December 3

Yoo Hoo! For the first time in forever, we are opening the gates to welcome you to this adventure in Arendelle! Get ready to sing along with your favourite snowy songs, as we travel up the north mountain and into the unknown! If the enchanted forest is calling you, it’s time to answer! Join us on this frost-filled adventure where we’ll tell stories, play games, create characters and run experiments fit for the freezing! -Because the cold never bothered us anyway!

1 Player / 2 Player

March 2

It’s time to level up! Get ready to hop through the screen into your favourite video games! Together, we’ll create our very own avatars to complete the digital missions that lie ahead of us! Learn how to code like the designers of your favourite video games! Whether you have your own unique power, or catch a power-up along the way… we invite you to take control of your own journey, and code your own creations through an epic video game adventure!

Spotlight's On You Superstar!

April 8

Are you craving the feeling of your spotlight moment on stage?! Let’s take it beyond and go into outer space! We welcome you to take center stage and sing along as we put on a show fit for shining artists across the galaxy! We are ready to teach you the skills behind acting, dance, and vocals, and the science behind the stars. Let’s learn what it takes to be a star on stage and in the universe! Places! 

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