Summer Camps - Week 4

July 27 - 31 (five day camp)

Camp for ages 4-12 will take place at the Shambhala School at 5450 Russell Street, Halifax.

Intensives for Teens 13-18 will take place at Neptune Theatre at 1593 Argyle Street, Halifax through the Scotiabank Stage Entrance.

NEW - Neptune Academy for ages 10-12 will take place at Neptune Theatre at 1593 Argyle Street, Halifax through the Scotiabank Stage Entrance. This is a 9 day camp, taking place over July 27 - August 7 (no camp over the weekend, no camp on August 3rd).

Please note: one week before classes begin, you will receive an email reminder containing all the information you need to know for the first day of camp.

Drop-off and Pick-up schedule:

Age Group Drop-Off Time Pick-Up Time
10-12 years 8:30am - 8:45am 3:45pm - 4:00pm
7-9 years 8:45am - 9:00am 3:30pm - 3:45pm
4-6 years 9:00am - 9:15am 12:15pm - 12:30pm


Please note: if you are dropping off or picking up students in multiple age groups, you should do drop-off at the latest time scheduled and pick-up at the earliest time scheduled. For example; if you have a child in a 7-9yr camp and a child in a 10-12yr camp, your drop-off time is between 8:45am-9:00am, and your pick-up time is between 3:30pm-3:45pm.

To register online, click the title of the camp you are interested in.

Presentation videos will be sent by email the Friday after your camp week ends.

For any teen camp auditions, please prepare the following:

1) a short monologue (1-2 minutes) ideally from a play.

2) a thirty second blurb telling us who you are and what you love about performing and what you hope to get out of the program. Is there a program or aspect of a program that interests you most.

*please be sure to label the clip with your name and the program you are auditioning for.

The simplest way to share is to download it to youtube, unlisted and share the link with your name and contact to

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to 

4-6yrs Treasure Island Adventure


(half day camps)

Thar be treasure! We need all hands on deck for our fabulous treasure hunting adventure. Join us as we create treasure maps, sail on great ships, and maybe even walk the plank! Creating characters and singing sea shanties will be just some of what is in store on our high-seas adventure. Set sail to wherever the wind may take us!

Encouraging creative exploration, all 4-6yrs camps contain elements of drama, improv, movement, storytelling, and music

4-6yrs The Great Neptune Mystery


(half day camps)

Long ago a great mystery was uncovered about neptune theatre camp, but the case went cold. Work together to create a fantastical mystery and figure out how to crack the case! Solve the puzzle! Connect the clues! Learn a fun dance all about your adventure letting your detective skills shine. Things aren’t always as they seem.

Encouraging creative exploration, all 4-6yrs camps contain elements of drama, improv, movement, storytelling, and music

7-9yrs (Drama) Theatre Magic


Neptune is calling you for a week of theatre magic. You’re the new witch or wizard in town! It’s time to demonstrate your magical talents and get sorted into your wizarding house. Create spells, learn magic, design your own wand and sharpen your theatre skills to defend against the mystical dark arts. The adventures of famous young witches and wizards will become the base for our own adventures this summer. Don’t forget your broom!

7-9yrs (Musical) Dream It! Be It!


Do you aspire to be the best performer you can be? Work together with awesome instructors to create your own musical show piece. Dance to songs that excite you and get you tapping your toes.  Make a list of characters you’ve always wanted to play and write scenes that are inspired by them. Build on your artistic skills and showcase it to your friends and family at the end of the week.

10-12yrs (Drama) Dark Arts


In the desolate city we are left with a group of misfit characters getting ready to rise up! What happens when different universes meet? What if Hermione Granger and Percy Jackson had to work together against dark and powerful forces? Use your imagination to create your own version of this world; with movement, tableaus, and original characters and villains.

10-12yrs (Musical) Dream Role Divas


What’s your dream role? When that spotlight hits you and the world is watching, what are the first lyrics out of your mouth? Let your inner diva out! Work on solos, duets, and trios with your classmates to compile a medley of hits fit for any Dream Girl, Rat Pack, or Superstar Sensation! (Note: all singing will be digital, we will have a large focus on dance and acting through speach and movement)

10-12yrs (NEW) Neptune Academy

July 27 - 31 & August 4 - 7 (9 days)


(9am - 4pm)

Introducing the Summer Neptune Academy for 10-12 year olds. This is a nine day intensive that will take tiny triple threat performers to the next level! This focused program is intended for students who have been studying with us for a few years and who want the opportunity to see what it's like to be in a "professional" show.

(note, we will not be able to incorporate in person singing in this camp. We will therefore focus on scripts and scenes and any singing options can be filmed at home to be edited in at a later date).

With skills-based classes in performance combined with rehearsals, we will build a 20 minute “virtual production”. Students will be challenged and gain important knowledge in what it takes to reach their performance goals. After a little audition on the second day, every student will be assigned some lines and a basic costume and character. We will have little time for games (this is not your regular summer camp); pack your movement clothes, pencils, and highlighters. Learn about blocking, rehearsals, choreography and staging, and how to take your script and create a performance worthy of an audience. We currently plan on “live-streaming” the final production. 

Experienced Students only: Students must have attended at least two of our March Break or Summer Camps, or at least two of our Seasonal Class Sessions (Fall, Winter, or Spring) in the past two years. Other relevant experience will be considered, but you must contact with a list of your experience and references.

13-18yrs "Climb It" Creation

July 27 - 31 & August 4 - 7 (9 days)


(10am - 4pm)

We are in a time of change. In search for a new normal. Speaking out and fighting for human rights. Voices need to be heard. Changes need to be made. And theatre should be a part of that change. 

As announced in the Spring, Neptune will be creating a new play currently entitled "Climb It" to tour with our TourCo. This week-long intensive will allow us to explore the themes of the climbing journey in these changing times; climate change, the fight for equality and all voices being heard, navigating the highs and lows of being a teenager in these trying times. With a series of workshops and classes we will work individually and with others to find words, movements, scenes and songs that may inform this production.

We will culminate these two weeks with a mini-documentary on the creation of our new show. 

Be part of the first step in a new work. Perfect for those interested in theatre for social change or who strive to bring their own voice to theatre creation. All levels welcome. 

Students can choose to work as performers and/or writers and/or production and direction.

Online Summer Camps

If in-person camps are not for you this summer, check out our online options by clicking here.

Covid-19 Update

In lieu of the Nova Scotian provincial updates regarding health and wellbeing, we are assessing all of our programs.

We are currently working with Public Health Officials and consulting with community groups to be sure that we bring you the best possible programs in the safest and most accessible way. We want to thank you for your patience as we work through this. 

We will update our website and social media if there are any changes, and inform participants directly by email.

Policies, Terms and Conditions

Read our updated Policies, Terms, and Conditions (including cancellations) for Classes and Camps by  clicking here.

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