Neptune Prep

Entering it's 4th successful year,  Neptune Prep has helped over twenty students successfully prepare and audition for post secondary theatre programs. This is the only program of its kind in the province and is gaining reputation around the college and university circuit.

Neptune Prep is an advanced training program for youths age 16 and over who wish to pursue a post-secondary theatre education. This unique curriculum, which is currently unavailable anywhere else in Nova Scotia, trains students as pre-professional artists and prepares them to audition for college and university programs in the performing arts. Running from September 2019 - March 2020, Neptune Prep guides students in preparing and selecting audition materials, school applications, resumé creating, theatre skills training, song performance and basic dance and movement skills.

This specialized program includes over 144 hours of training (Saturdays, 10am-5pm) with leading professional artists as well as tickets to some Neptune Shows and Masterclasses. There are two streams to the program – one that focuses on acting, and another that explores the area of musical theatre. Students from both streams also come together for training in stage combat, clown, physical theatre, voice and acting.

Enrollment is kept small to focus on the individual student and their development as artists.

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Auditions for the Prep Program will take place in May 2019. Please fill out a registration form to receive an appointment:  Registration Form

For more information on Neptune Prep, contact Laura Caswell, Director of Education at

Neptune Prep graduates

After the inaugural year of the Neptune Prep in 2016-17, we are happy to report the great success of its graduates.

Our students, who come from all over Nova Scotia, studied intensively for six months with our professional panel of instructors in acting and musical theatre.

Many of them recently auditioned and were accepted into post-secondary institutions insluding Dalhousie, Sheridan College, CCPA, Randolph Academy, St. Clair College and the National Theatre School. Two of our students also auditioned and received roles in professional theatre jobs this summer: Ria Kapur at the Charlottetown Festival Young Company and Riel Reddick-Stevens at Two Planks and a Passion.

Here's what Neptune Prep students had to say about this unique opportunity:

"Neptune Prep allowed me to grow as a performer, gaining confidence in myself and insight into the professional theatre world from fantastic instructors with first-hand experience in the field."
- Abigail Sinclair
"I had an amazing time! I was challenged and pushed to put myself out there, which vastly improved my confidence as a young actor preparing to audition for many schools and shows. I felt confident knowing that I had the material and experience to go into my auditions fully prepared." - Rebecca Temple
"Neptune Prep was a wonderful experience. I was completely prepared for all of my post-secondary auditions. Thanks to Prep, I had proper audition etiquette, appropriate material and just overall confidence! I learned how to communicate more with other people and how to listen to my scene partner and just other people in general. Everyone was very supportive and having a wonderful time!"
- Riel Reddick-Stevens
"Neptune Prep Program definitely helped my feel confident in the audition room and provided me with a set of skills that enhanced my performance as a triple threat." - Ria Kapur
"Coming in to Prep, I didn't know much about auditions. I auditioned for one university, didn't get in, and had a year to spare. In Prep, I learned all the stuff I didn't even know I needed to know about universities, auditions, jobs and the industry, and the skills I'll need to have to succeed in theatre." - Alison Dickson