Matt Amyotte Schorlarship Fund

We are heartbroken by the passing of Matthew Amyotte. A talented actor and musician, Matthew has long been a part of Neptune's family, most notably as Musical Director for the TD Youth Performance Company (TD YPCo), and as a performer in both Fountain Hall and Scotiabank Stage productions. He was adored by students and staff alike for his warmth, enthusiasm and consummate performance skills. At the request of his family, donations can be made in his memory to the  Matt Amyotte Fund or the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada .

Thanks to the generous donations from some of our donors and sponsors Neptune Theatre School has access to some funding to support aspiring students. The application is intended for those seeking bursary and scholarship opportunities when registering for a program through the Neptune Theatre School. These scholarship and bursary requests are available to students of all ages and backgrounds, and every application will be reviewed and considered.

You can apply for a full scholarship or partial support.

Programs may include:
- Summer & March Break Camps
- PD Day Camp
- Seasonal Classes (Fall, Winter, Spring Sessions)
- Masterclasses, Intensives, & Workshops
- YPCo Boot Camp
- YPCo Production Registration
- Improv Conservatory
- Prep Program

The completion of this form does not guarantee financial support or the amount requested. Bursaries and scholarships are limited, and distributed according to need and availability.
Please fill out the information as accurately as you can. We will be in touch.

Application Form

Matt Amyotte Scholarship Recipients

Each year, a student will receive a full scholarship to the TD YPCo program in Matt's honour. To inquire, please contact Laura Caswell .

“The Matt Amyotte fund has helped me be a part of where I feel I belong, without having to worry about costs of things, making me able to focus on art and having a great time! I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of such a fantastic community, and being able to make beautiful things with my friends who I will be with for a long time. I’m very happy that this scholarship exists, for it helps young people learn new things, and make new life long friends."  - Jay Mosher 
“Being in YPCo has been a great learning experience for me and I’ve made so many new friends, and the scholarship has helped me do that. I feel very honoured to have received the scholarship and I’m very happy that it exists to help people be a part of this amazing program.”  - Zac Ellis