For fall teen programs go to neptunetheatre.com/fall or click "Seasonal Classes" below. 

If you cannot find a program you are interested in, please fill out the FALL INTEREST FORM. 

Note: Neptune Theatre School is working at a limited capacity and undergoing registration upgrades until early September and you may experience difficulty registering online. Thank you for your patience

At Neptune Theatre School we pride ourselves on process based learning, with programs focused on building skills rather than simply “putting on a show”. Learning from qualified instructors - who also happen to be professional actors and leaders in Halifax’s artistic community - students will obtain the best theatre training in the city.

Neptune Theatre School is a safe learning environment, with focus on creativity and growth for each individual student. Our Seasonal Classes cater to youth ages 18 months to 18 years. With an array of classes in Drama, Musical Theatre and Improv there is something for everyone!

We believe in building opportunities for our students at Neptune Theatre School, encouraging those who attend our Seasonal Classes to later go on to audition for our teen Boot Camps, TD Youth Performance Company, Neptune Prep, and mainstage productions.

*Please note that all of our programs involve a paid fee. For inquiries or to ask about scholarship or bursary options contact us at school@neptunetheatre.com.

We will be updating our policies regularly following the Nova Scotia government’s 5 Phase reopening plan and any modifications. Please be sure that you have read the most updated policies before coming to classes or camps.

Policies, Terms and Conditions

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