Teen Intensives & YPCo Boot Camps

Intensives for Teens 13-18 will take place at Neptune Theatre at 1593 Argyle Street, Halifax through the Scotiabank Stage Entrance.

YPCo Boot Camps will take place at Neptune Theatre at 1593 Argyle Street, Halifax through the Scotiabank Stage Entrance. You must audition to be considrered for the Acting and Musical Theatre Boot Camps. Audition application forms are available below. Successful applicants will be contacted for an audition in Spring 2020.

Please note: one week before classes begin, you will receive an email reminder containing all the information you need to know for the first day.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to  school@neptunetheatre.com  

Summer Teen Intensives

Pop Musicals

July 6 - 10, 9am-4pm


Pop Musicals are taking over! With contemporary musicals written by pop artists like  Billy Elliot, or the original pop-style scores like  Heathers or  Six, and now even more shows with music from pop albums like  Jagged Little Pill; there is so much to explore in the world of the pop musical!

This camp is for anyone who loves to sing and really rock it out. Industry-leading singing and dancing instructors will teach daily exercises and activities to build your skills as a vocalist and dancer. You will work as an ensemble on at least two pop-musical theatre numbers. Get ready to blow them away!

All levels welcome.

Scene Study

July 13 - 17, 9am-4pm


This camp is for anyone who loves to act and wants to “dig deep” into scene work. Students will learn how to break down text, find the character’s journey, and create basic blocking and rehearsal techniques to build a performance.

Take your acting to the next level. Some experience in acting recommended.

Collective Theatre Creation for Change

July 27 - 31, 9am-4pm


As announced, Neptune will be creating a new play "Climb It" to tour with our TourCo in 2021. This weeklong intensive will allow us to explore the themes of Climate Change, focus on finding your voice in this battle, navigate the highs and lows of being a teenager in these trying times, and to work with others to find words, movements, scenes and songs that may inform this production.

Be part of the first step in a new work. Perfect for those interested in theatre for social change or who strive to bring their own voice to  theatre creation. All levels welcome.

It's Called a PLAY!

August 4 - 7, 9am-4pm (4 day camp)


It's called a PLAY...so let's play!!  Release your inner child and find the joy of theatre and creation. Rediscover the creative joy of playing! Summer is for Fun....so let's have some!

Crafts! Sing alongs! Make Believe! We all wish life would just slow down a bit and that we could just have play time...this is the week to do it. A great camp for anyone looking to make new friends, to blow off steam, and an awesome learning opportunity for anyone looking to go into teaching or camp counselling. No experience required. (Just a sense of play.)

Film 101

August 4 - 7, 9am-4pm (4 day camp)


Learn the basics of film from all sides of the camera. Learn how to be an actor and prepare sides, rock an audition, and discover tricks to creating a character.  Learn how to be a writer, how to do a storyboard pitch, and create a basic script. Get an introduction to editing and filming. All of this will go into the creation of your very own short films!

Come explore acting for film and television as well as expanding movie making skills through hands-on learning. This 4 day intensive will be jam packed and full of fun. No experience required.

Improv & Comedy Sampler

August 10 - 14, 9am-4pm


This is the perfect 5 day intensive for young artists looking to explore different styles of comedy. Explore general improv techniques as well as different styles of physical comedy (mask, mime & clown), as well as some basic writing in sketch comedy and stand up.

With so much to try there will never be a dull moment. Discover skills you never knew you had before, build confidence, and make people laugh! No experience necessary.

Musical Theatre Ensemble

August 10 - 14, 9am-4pm


This will be one of the most exciting camps of the summer as instructors take songs from some of the most popular shows on Broadway and create a small montage of numbers for you to perform.  Sing, dance and act all while having fun (and maybe catch a glimpse of the action on the Neptune Stage)! Challenge yourself as a true triple threat while working with others to build a strong Musical Theatre Ensemble.

If Broadway calls this is the camp for you. All levels welcome.

Teen Theatre Sampler

August 17 - 21, 9am-4pm


This is the perfect 5 day theatre intensive for that person who loves to try new things. With an emphasis on different types of theatre (including but not limited to mime, mask, physical theatre and stage combat) this sampler will allow you to “try a taste” of some new theatre skills each day.

Challenge yourself, explore new physicalities, and grow as a performer. No experience required.

Teen Glee Camp

August 24 - 28, 9am-4pm


Do you love singing harmony? Never tried but always wanted to? Make yourself an asset to any chorus by joining our Glee Camp. We will work on two songs and some basic moves to focus on the beauty of the music and the story it can tell.

Put the tune in NepTUNE! Some singing experience recommended.

YPCo Boot Camps

YPCo Musical Theatre Boot Camp

July 13 - 17 & July 20 - 25


Students will be trained in the areas of singing, acting, and dancing with focus on self-evaluation, technique, ensemble and cholar work, and much more.

End of program performance to be held at the Halifax Public Gardens on Saturday, July 25th.

YPCo Acting Boot Camp

August 17 - 21 & August 24 - 29


Students will be trained in the areas of voice and speech, drama, comedy, physical theatre, and much more.

End of program performance to be held on August 29th, location TBD.

To submit for a YPCo 2020 Summer Boot Camp audition time, please CLICK HERE

Need help preparing for your audition? We have created a Teen March Break Audition Intensive in both song and monologue preperation.

Register for the March Break Audition Intensives by CLICKING HERE.

Please note : Registration will go offline at noon on Tuesday, the day after camp starts. Please complete your booking prior to that time.

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  • Students should bring their own snacks and lunches. Neptune Theatre School is NUT & SHELLFISH FREE
  • Students who have a birthday within two months of a class's start date may sign up for that class (i.e. if a student is 6, but will turn 7 within two months of a 7-9 class starting, they may be signed up for the older class)
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