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We have a bunch of opportunities popping up in February

Join us for our March Break Leader in Training Program: 

The LIT program is a free opportunity aimed at training students in arts leadership and instruction. This year the program will entail an in person training/learning day on March 13th from 12-5pm at Neptune Theatre. Participants will then go on to attend workshops and shadow our March Break camps, which take place at Shambhala School on Russell Street from March 15-19th. We will ask our LIT's to participate on site at from 8:30am-4:30pm. The morning will entail training and learning sessions and in the afternoons you will be assigned a classroom to shadow in our children's camps. LIT's will be asked to wear a mask while in the camp classrooms. (This program is open to anyone 16-23yrs)

To apply Click Here to fill out a form by February 22nd. 

March Break TD-YPCo Boot Camps

Led by some of Halifax's leading artists and instructors, in our downtown top notch studios, this one week intensive course in Musical Theatre will work on helping students master a one-minute solo song, group dances routines in multiple styles and scene work. This is a chance to work in small groups to get your performance skills ready for the rehearsal room

*If you are a student who is interested in only acting programs, we would suggest trying out our Spring Classes which have an acting focus. 

March 15-19, 10-4:30pm,

Friday March 19th is our Streamable showcase in the evening. 

Fee is $325 +HST


Students wishing to attend must audition by submitting a video  by February 22nd. 

How to audition for TD YPCo March Break Boot Camp:

Students must still send in a little audition video with three components:

1) a short bit of text. This can be a monologue, a joke, a poem, a story. (no shorter than 30 seconds, no longer than 2 mins)

2) a short song (1-2 minutes) any style. (you can do this without music, or with a track) 

3) *Be sure that your clip is labelled with your name. You can also "slate" at the beginning of your video, with your first and last name as a brief introduction. 

4) The simplest way to share is to download it to youtube, unlisted and share the link with your name and contact to

Submissions due by February 22nd. 

If you would prefer to audition “live” via zoom please email with your name and preferred night of the week from Feb 22-26 and we will set up a time as soon as possible. 


*Watch for our Latest Video which will be shared at the end of the Month.* 

Musical Video "What the World Needs Now" with Jeremiah Sparks

What is this Project? This free program involves  two virtual rehearsals and take home practice tracks we will create a mini-virtual choir of voices of youth from across the province. Jeremiah will virtually coach us through a gospel version of “What the World Needs Now is Love”. Our first Digital Music Video was a huge success in December and we look forward to working together to create more of these as part of our Pivot Projects in 2021.

Our Musical Director, Jeremiah Sparks

A life-long singer and pianist, Jeremiah Sparks was choir director and church organist for Cherry Brook United Baptist Churst for over 20 years and directed the Nova Scotia Mass Choir for several years before moving to Toronto. He is presently choir director for Men of Praise Ministry for Grant AME in Toronto. Stage roles include the role of Mufasa in the Toronto (Mirvish) production of Disney’s The Lion King.  He has performed across the country in such memorable roles as Louis Armstrong (Satchmo Suite) and Lanier Phillips (Oil and Water) He is a major performer in the world renown production of Drum. And recently played “PA” in the Canadian premier ofColor Purple with Neptune Theatre. His 2nd CD  “Storms of Fear” is now available on iTunes . 


We are working hard to bring you our 2021 Programs. 

We hope to do some kind of production in the near future; how this will happen depends on the parameters of the public health guidelines, space availability, health and safety and other Covid related restrictions. 

To share your ideas or express interest in participating, please FILL OUT THIS FORM

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Recent Projects

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We did too! If you missed some of our big events, please click below to check us out

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*Please note that all TD YPCo and Neptune Theatre Programs require a paid fee. For information or to inquire about scholarship opportunities please CLICK HERE .

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How Can I Audition for TD YPCo Productions?

When audition submissions are being accepted, students should send in an audition video with following components:

1) a short monologue (1-2 minutes) ideally from a play

2) a short song (1-2 minutes) any style

3) a thirty second blurb telling us who you are and what you love about performing and what you hope to get out of the program. Is there a program or aspect of a program that interests you most?

Please be sure to label your audition clip with your name and the program you are auditioning for.

The simplest way to share is to download it to youtube, unlisted, and share the link with your name and contact to

Matt Amyotte Schorlarship Fund

Each year, a student will receive a full scholarship to the TD YPCo program in Matt's honour. To learn more click here. 


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