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The Neptune Touring Company has performed to over 400,000 young Nova Scotians since its inception. For many, the tour is their first exposure to live theatre.

By visiting small communities throughout the Maritimes and performing to students directly at their schools, the TourCo  promotes theatre to a wider (and younger) audience, thereby creating and fostering an interest in the performing arts.

We are so excited to be announcing the lineup for our Touring Company’s school productions. These shows deal with themes of identity, bullying, growing up, and finding your inner strength. Our plays for spring 2020 will include a cast of three talented actors, and are both written by acclaimed Canadian playwrights. Professional design and direction accompanied by study guides and a Q&A with the cast makes this a unique opportunity to bring theatre to all ages all over the province.

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Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures

By Mark Crawford | For grades Primary - 6

Deep in Simon’s basement, there is a secret world of imagination and adventure. When he invites his new friend Abby over to work on an assignment, Simon quickly steers them towards the theatrical! Meanwhile, Simon’s older brother is frustrated and hesitant about all the dressing up and princess stories. As the three characters battle over their personal conflicts, they improvise a brand new fairy tale where everyone can transform into their “true-selves,” including a magic prince, an evil king, a young girl who’s an ace with a bow and arrow, and a fire-breathing dragon. A thoughtful and hilarious new play about our ability to transform. This playful and moving story explores the search for a place to be ourselves safely; fully express who we are without judgement; and to find out what we are made of with the support and celebration of our friends
and family.



By Marcus Youssef | For grades 6 - 12

Fatima is a typical Canadian young woman, rebelling against her strict parents. When anti-Muslim graffiti appears on the school walls, this hijab-wearing teenager is transferred to a new school. There, she makes an unlikely friendship with Jorah, a boy who has a reputation for anger issues. As their mutual attraction grows, the lines they cross to get closer together become the subject of an intense exploration of boundaries. Jabber examines assumptions based on appearances within the school world – where a diverse student population must learn to negotiate cross-cultural respect and mutual understanding.


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